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Hello, my name is Ksenia. I am a Licensed Management Consultant with 10 years of professional experience. I am also an Entrepreneur, a Wife and a Mom.

I am passionate about business. Setting it up, making it work, seeing it grow. It is the most interesting thing I can think of and the most exciting. I treat business as a living creature, it evolves when nurtured, it gives distress signals when mistreated, and it is so fruitful once it has grown to its potential. It is beautiful and rewarding to know something you love doing dearly benefits someone and makes a diffidence for your clients. Knowing you made the best version of what you had envisioned.

Today I help my clients to start their own ventures from scratch, to identify and neutralize the fears and blocks that stop them from making their dreams come true, to find the inspiration to shape their life the way they want, and to step up to a new level of their success in life and in business.

Welcome to the journey of a lifetime. It is exciting, fun and worth it.


30+ turn-key projects     8 companies founded     3600+ sessions    



“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams. We help make it happen.”



Ksenia Coty

Management Consultant

Director, Worthdreaming Group ©


Strategic Business Development, Marketing and Crisis Management Professional with 10 years of experience in the Middle East. Supported the establishment of eight now very successful companies across different industries from scratch. Advised on more than thirty turn-key projects making a significant impact on increasing clients' profits and reducing operational costs. Founder of Worthdreaming Group. Business Advisor, Life & Image Consultant. Mentor and Motivational Speaker.

How I can help:

My Private Sessions

If you want to remove all mental and emotional blocks that prevent you from building the happy life you deserve. If you need to build the road map of your journey to success. If you need the knowledge and support in making first steps of opening your own company or in developing the existing business taking it to the next profits level.

My Corporate Trainings and Packages

If your company requires to increase its sales, raise awareness about your business and brand, and bring in additional revenue. If you understand your business is not reaching its full potential, and some parts or departments need to be reassessed, restructured and become operationally successful. If you see your sales team needs more training on how to profitably develop the business, do detailed research & create potential clients pipeline, present the company services in the most professional way & close the deals on spot. If your need complete business evaluation, sales, marketing & operations srategies creation and policies and KPIs setup. Make a big difference for your company's profits increase and smooth operations.

My Turn-Key Business Setup & Outsourced Marketing Department Services

If you have amazing ideas for the new businesses or require assistance in taking your companies to a new level, but do not have the time or budget to make it happen in-house. One of my companies - WD Consultancy - is a full circle management consultancy specializing on turn-key business solutions and business development & marketing support. They combine many years of sales and marketing experience of our team members with the specific industry knowledge of our panel of advisors, creating a unique blend of professional targeted problem solving result oriented outcome.




Tel.: + 971 50 99 808 26

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E-mail: hello@kseniacoty.com


P.O.Box 336349


United Arab Emirates


Dubai Office

Level 7 (718)

The Binary by Omniyat

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Private Sessions:

I will be happy to help shape your passion into the truly remarkable venture, turning your dreams of a fulfilling happy and comfortable life into a tangible reality. Please share your details via private@kseniacoty.com


Corporate Trainings:

I am very glad to assist in doing a complete business evaluation, creating strategies and setting up policies for your company as well as lighting a spark for the talented, energetic and passionate team you already have. Please send your inquiry to corporate@kseniacoty.com


Motivational Seminars & Articles:

Whether you organize a professional or personal development event or want an article contributor for the business aspect of your choice, I would like to hear from you. Please forward your message to world@kseniacoty.com


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